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Contact us for more details about products and the availability in our stock. Also contact us for a quote on the supply of spiral tubes and other products. Among the Genplast’s products there are cold shrink silicon tubes and extrusion plastic profiles. 


Cold shrink silicon tubes

Among Genplast products, the cold shrinkable rubber sheaths are available in a wide range of diameters and lengths, supplied already on the spiral supports according to the client’s needs. The cold shrinkable rubber sheaths used are in Silicone or EPDM.

cold shrink tubes

How we work

The STG cold shrink silicon tubes are self-shrinking systems made of pre-expanded rubber sheaths, and held in place by spiral supports that will be removed at the time of installation. The benefits include a reduction of the shrinking of the rubber sheath during the use on the application, and better electrical insulation as well as mechanical protection.

The installation is very simple and does not require heat sources such as flames or hot air.

Thanks to their characteristics, the cold shring silicon tubes are ideal for application in various industrial sectors such as: electrical engineering, automation, mechanics and hydraulics.

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